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2020-The Year for Our Collective Wisdom to Emerge

For inspiring wisdom for the new year, listen to this interview with Tom Atlee – a key leader in social activism!  I have been following Tom’s writings and his vision with the Co-intelligence Institute for years.  If you are searching for better ways to have meaningful conversations – you will absolutely love his latest product that he created with a few colleagues called the 3D Democracy Model.  It’s all about Power, Participation, and Wisdom. We all have access to these-we just need to activate them more consciously.  So what a perfect creation-an activation program that comes in a 96 Card Deck where you will discover a fabulous tool for meaningful conversations that offer pathways beyond the polarizing energy. Underlying it all is what he calls the wise democracy prime directive – that we seek to evoke and engage the wisdom and resourcefulness of the whole on behalf of the whole.

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