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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Referral Partner

A Referral Partner is someone who generates leads for LivingThePotential Network. This is a person who believes in what we are up to in the world and who wants to send people to our website, so WE can educate them on what it is that we do, and if there is interest- we enroll them into our programs. This person will receive a tracking link they can share, and when their person clicks on the link that person is tied to their account. So when their person signs up and the payment goes through, the referral partner will receive their 10%.


Affiliate Partner

An Affiliate Partner is someone who also believes in the changes we are making in the world, and this person wants to be more involved. So like the Referral Partner, they generate the interest and send people to their tracking link, but the Affiliate Partner continues the relationship to the point of enrollment and sends their person to a sign-up page and helps them enroll. This program is best for someone who is taking the time to build relationships and/or building marketing funnels to put people in and help educate them to the point of enrollment. An affiliate partner needs to apply and be accepted to partake in this program and once this occurs each will receive 25% commission.



A Facilitator is someone who is passionate about changing the future through empowering youth to design their learning with mentors as well as to navigate a broken educational system. This person will be empowered to run their own business through LivingThePotential Network. After being certified with LivingThePotential Network, the Facilitator will have all the tools to attract future students & mentors and build the relationships, as they educate the people to the point of enrollment and beyond. After enrollment the facilitator, at some point, will facilitate their own LivingThePotential Network courses, teaching the people and encouraging others to be facilitators to increase our influence into our communities and the lives of our children. A facilitator is a key stakeholder and influencer in the community and as a result, each one benefits in many ways including financially by growing the network. The schedule of compensation is activated upon completion of the certificate program. There is an application process and once accepted, the journey begins.