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Insight Seminars

What if there was a way for our youth to find their voice-sooner rather than later? And what if they were supported in believing that they can make a difference?... Continue Reading

Mindful Zone

Listen to my interview with Maggie Calder from the Mindful Zone and you will be inspired about the regenerative capacity of the human spirit. Hear the interviews with Maggie... Continue Reading

Wayfinding Academy

My interview with Michelle Jones, founder of the Wayfinding Academy, reveals what a learning community for humans who want to design an authentic life needs to be ….like all the... Continue Reading

Ignite Your Leadership

Meet Kathy Sparrow, editor, writer, professor extraordinaire. In this interview, Kathy addresses many questions such as: How we can remedy the imbalances created when we’re seeking the approval of those... Continue Reading

I AM Diversity

This interview with Gino Walker will warm your heart and lift your spirit! Music is the universal language and Gino’s mission is to “Lift and Shift the Light of Consciousness... Continue Reading

9 Pathways of the Soul

This interview with Georgette Star MA, D.Min, founder of the Life Blessing Institute, reveals how she learned an elegant Life Mapping System from her Mom, that can provide essential answers... Continue Reading

Upside-Down Messenger

This interview with Amanda Johnson, author of Upside Down Messenger reveals how her young son taught her the biggest lesson of her life that changed everything! Hear the interviews with... Continue Reading