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The Revolution Where You Live

The connections we each have to our physical and ecological place, and to one another in community, are where we find our power and our best hopes for change. Continue Reading

Spiritual Politics

Reconciling & Healing the Divide with Stephen Dinan. His interests have grown to a more global view beyond the personal transformational and growth to become more engaged in politics and bringing awareness and language of the soul to political engagement. Continue Reading

Turning Teenage Rebellion into Fuel for Growth

If you adopt the belief that your child is your teacher, parenting becomes an act of spiritual growth. Conscious parenting is an evolving awareness around the different stages of development that naturally occur, and a recognition that we’re each unique in our own way. Continue Reading

Transforming Our Relationships with Youth

Teenagers live in a natural unfolding process that can shift our perceptions around what it truly means to be human. Peter Berg is the author of Tao of Teenagers: a guide for teen happiness, empowerment and health. Continue Reading

The Missing Ingredient in Shark Tank

In Shark Tank people are vilified and crucified in the name of good ratings and fine entertainment for poor business acumen. In the process, Shark Tank gives business a bad rap. The name itself speaks to the financial feeding frenzy when investors compete for large percentages of emerging companies The name itself speaks to the financial feeding frenzy when investors compete for large percentages of emerging companies. If we could evolve the consciousness for the show, we would likely highlight the idea that there’s enough for all of us. Continue Reading

5 Things That Impact Your Child’s Success

The most important question for a parent is: How do you define success? Typically we equate success for children with getting straight A’s, or excelling at sport or accomplishing any... Continue Reading

Create an alignment of your soul

Each of us has a connection to core power and strength that exists within. Dr. Lin has discovered a multi-dimensional process that supports her clients as they awaken to and deepen their relationship with their own spiritual connection and inner wisdom. Continue Reading