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Upside-Down Messenger

This interview with Amanda Johnson, author of Upside Down Messenger reveals how her young son taught her the biggest lesson of her life that changed everything! Hear the interviews with... Continue Reading

The Science of Mental Healing

DO YOUR HEART GOOD The Science of Mental Healing: New Thought Teachers and Healers in America The message that comes through loud and clear in this interview with Dr. Ruth... Continue Reading

Kindness Boomerang

Meet an Entrepreneur who started out as a teacher. Orly Wahba brainstormed with her middle schoolers to discover all the ways that kindness can boomerang through one small act of... Continue Reading

Unleash Your Inner Poet

What If You Were a Poet and Didn’t Know It? Meet Michele Marie Neyers who shares her writing process with us!! In this interview, there is a very good chance... Continue Reading


Interview with Renee Linnell-author of new book The Burn Zone, A Memoir. Why is it that many people in this world feel so lonely? Might it be because they are... Continue Reading

Village Home

The Village Home learning community offers choices to kids that make a huge difference for everyone-including parents, teachers and most of all for themselves.  This interview with founder Lori Walker,... Continue Reading

Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing -it’s all about people and understanding and appreciating the beauty of diversity. This interview with author Angelyn Toth, owner of Xenia Center on Bowen Island, British Columbia, reveals... Continue Reading

Evolutionary Parenting

Evolutionary Parenting written by Dr. David Marshak is a fascinating look at the role of parents especially in this 21st Century. In this interview, we touch on his research that... Continue Reading