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You Can Design
The Life You Want to Live

What does success mean to you?

Traditionally, success has been about pursuing the dream of a big paycheck or the status that comes with it. But this path has also left many individuals unfulfilled and disconnected from a life of purpose and meaningful contribution. More than ever, we are witnessing the desire to create a life with meaning and purpose that’s superseding the desire for a corner office or striving for a degree that isn’t the heart’s true desire.

Find the work you were meant to do.

If you feel you’re in a stale career or unsure of the career path you should follow,
this might be because:

You desire a calling, not just a career.

You want a life that is full of meaning and purpose.

You have your own definition of what success looks like.

You want control of your own destiny with work
that offers time freedom and financial freedom.

You derive happiness from helping others.

You want to do work that creates change and positively impacts others.

The path of conscious entrepreneurship is about building
a career where your head and heart
are aligned with your personal values and purpose.

Level 1:

Discovery Session

Choose a time for a 1-hour discovery session to learn how to make your highest and best contribution in your life and your work.

Level 3:

Embody Your Purpose

Expand your new awareness and purpose into every area of your life through 6 sessions with assignments in-between.

Level 2:

Integrate Your Learning for Positive Change in Your Life

Deepen the process with 3 interactive sessions and assignments in-between to integrate your core energies in a way that fulfills you for positive change.

Level 4:

Self Actualize with Passion and Meaning

Move towards conscious self-actualization with 12 hours of personal coaching to integrate your highest and best core energies into your life.

Connect with me and make sure this is a fit for you!