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Why The Big WHY

Deepening the Connection Matters

“We are so focused on our security that we don’t see the price we pay: living in the bureaucratic organizations where the wonder and joy have no place. Thus we are losing the spaces to dance with the ever-changing patterns of life. We need to invent a new learning model for business, education, healthcare, government, and family. This invention will come from the patient, concerted efforts of communities of people invoking aspiration and wonder.”

~ Peter Senge

If you want to evolve your leadership for your highest and best contribution, it’s time to develop a more conscious business that operates as a learning organization.

How do you design this cultural shift?

The key is to get out of the “silo mentality” and co-generate a higher quality of listening to not only what is being said, but also what is unspoken. In order to facilitate positive change in any organization, there is a need to establish trust and relationships.

When collaborative relationships deepen among team members, your customers and other external stakeholders are positively impacted. 

With new energy and renewed focus, leaders begin to discern who could be their future customers or employees, which often results in a conscious business taking a new stance and participating in the marketplace at new levels of engaging and partnering. 

This begins a real story, not one made up in just a marketing strategy—but more of a way of engaging people and naturally generating a buzz that can only emerge from an aligned group of people taking their wisdom and energy to others who are hungry to grow their capacity.

What's the first step?

To design a culture of authentic communication and collaboration, key answers need to have clarity about their contribution and how and why it matters to the overall vision of the organization.

We start by creating a context of core values, and help individuals “own” their true wiring. When they are more conscious of their core values, strengths and talents, there is more JOY in the workplace when people can apply their zone of genius to their work at hand.

Work with me to bring the CORE VALUE INDEX to yourself and your direct reports.

We will review the results and put a plan of action together for upgrading the culture and creating more positive energy and joy in your organization.

This is for you if you…

  • desire to create buy-in for a true upgrade to your culture, and you know it’s not about another workshop

  • want some “out of the box” ideas, but you do not have a process or pathway to engage other people in your community

  • would like to create an internship program, but don’t know where to start

  • have an idea for a product or service that would demonstrate that you stand for more than your own bottom line, but you have no time to pursue it

  • want to share your resources to help schools, but you are wondering if just giving the money is what is really needed

Connect with me and make sure this is a fit
for your organization!