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Spiritual Politics

Reconciling & Healing the Divide with Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan is a noted social entrepreneur and visionary political strategist and CEO/Founder of The Shift Network, a leading provider of online transformational courses and trainings. His latest book  is Sacred America, Sacred World.

His interests have grown to a more global view beyond the personal transformational and growth to become more engaged in politics and bringing awareness and language of the soul to political engagement.
 In our discussion Stephen talked about how the heavily conflictual and combative way of doing politics degrades us and leads us away from the next step of evolution and how he’s trying to reengage politics from a place of deeper heart and soul.
We talked about ways the left and right can work in a complimentary transpartianship rather than in competition to each other. He offers the notion that we need to lead as a one unified global civilization that isn’t at war with others but rather respects differences and how our personal world view impacts the global scene. 
We also discussed  how America is now facing her shadow side from historical events that have not been publicly addressed for forgiveness to unfold. There are deep wounds that have never been addressed that we see playing out in places like Standing Rock in a real way.
Stephen offers rich insights, personal stories and actions anyone can take to work towards the repair and bridge building our country requires to heal and move forward.

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