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Transforming Our Relationships with Youth

Teenagers live in a natural unfolding process, a powerful stage of development that if respected, can shift our perceptions around what it truly means to be human.

Meet Peter Berg, the author of the Tao of Teenagers: Understanding the everyday life of a teen.





This book is a guide for teen happiness, empowerment and health. 

The book offers insights and ideas for:

  • Creating a partnership mindset with your teenager
  • Reducing Stress in the Life of a Teen
  • Generating a belief in something larger than oneself
  • How to create a framework for mental and emotional well being
  • How to create meaningful conversations to deepen your relationship; and let go of FEAR.

Peter is the founder of Youth Transformations, works with youth as a board certified Holistic Health and Mental Health Coach and is currently the Principal of The New School, a Democratic School in Maine. His work includes helping teenagers empower themselves so that they can take charge of their health and happiness and be masters of their own loves.

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