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YOUTHS- Being Seen and Heard Rewards and Strengthens a Better World

Take 25 minutes and tune into this interview with David Marshak who is a forward thinking educator and leader in the development of integral learning communities. Some of his research in holistic education is in his book The Common Vision which reveals his research of human nature and human unfoldment from birth through 21 years of age as articulated by three of the 20th century’s most profound spiritual teachers: Rudolf Steiner, Sri Aurobindo Ghose, and Hazrat Inayat Khan.

His book Evolutionary Parenting offers the perspective that children are here to teach us and when parents treat them with honor and respect they will get a chance to truly observe how humans evolve through predictable (though not always chronological) stages of development. This is something we all go through, but it is only when the parents become more conscious in their witnessing will they will become aware of the soul essence. His latest book Inviting Youths to Claim the Power of Their Imaginations: A Guidebook shares real stories of youth who are leading the way for a better world… he offers tools for “uncovering one’s purpose, to find a calling and to contribute to the betterment for all.”

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